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My Super Hero


Story from: Rebecca MacDevitt, Australia

Rating: ★★★★★

My dad had been my super hero but as we grow up, we change and take charge of our own lives. I was a little girl once but now I am a married woman with 2 kids. I have been a good mom and a good wife (as my husband always says). I never noticed that I was aging because I was too preoccupied with taking care of the people I love. It dawned on me during my parents 50th Golden Anniversary. My dad and mom was perfectly happy with each other and I am always lucky to have them as my parents and doting grandparents to my kids.

Right after dinner, when almost all people are leaving, my dad came to me as I was sitting on his favorite rocking chair sitting champagne. He told me “Honey, I didn’t realize that you are 40 now”, we both laughed. He then added “but Honey, you don’t need to look 40. Your mom doesn’t look her age”. I jokingly replied “Dad, are you saying that I look older than mom?” and then we were both laughing.

As we went home, I stopped and look at myself in the mirror and I did notice that there are wrinkles here and there. I started to worry and be concious of it. I asked my hubby and he replied that even if I get lots of wrinkles, he would still love me. I was happy but a thought of getting more wrinkles is nagging my mind. I was hoping that I could look 2-3 years younger.

In the morning, I called my dad. After a few talks, I asked him about Mom’s “secret” and he laughed. he told me that my mom used Kollagen Intensiv. It was his gift to her. I was so happy when I got my bottle, I used it and still waiting for the results. I am hoping that my dad will see a difference. My super hero saved me once more from being an “old hag”.


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