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5 Anti Aging Cream Product I’ve Tried


Story from: Manuela Barmen, HØNEFOSS, Norway

I’ve tried Lifecell for about a week as this was raved about by my sister. I found it effective. It made a great difference even after 3 days of usage but it seems I was still a bit restless about my search for the perfect skin cream so I decided to search more and try another product recommended by one of my friends.

Elite Serum
This product does something to your skin but I was so dissapointed with its applicator. I wasted so many cream because of the syringe like applicator and some creams even dries up at the tip. Even if its effective, there’s a big setback on it application. A big waste of money. I’m off now to my next target product.

Dermagist Complete Rejuvenation System
My third would be Dermagist. It does what it promises on wrinkles, fine lines and other skin problems but for me who is so poor in memory and very lame at being consistent, the 3 system regimen makes me too tired to apply it one after another. Not a product suited for me and women who are so busy. Now, Im on the the next search

Elite Wrinkle Eraser
It has great ingredients and does great in making the skin soft and smooth. The setback is that it takes 2 months before you can see the effects. I am such a fast paced person that I would want to see immediate effects than wait for months.

Kollagen Intensiv
This is the last one on my list and I am happy about what it does. I love the cool effect after every application plus the clean and presentable packaging. Another plus for Kollagen Intensiv is that this product is an all-natural product. Perfect for those who wants all natural skincare. I am a bit dismayed because this product doesn’t set well as make up base. I wanted something I can use under my make up. Kollagen forms lumps when used under makeup and this is such a goner for me. 

I’ve tried 5 products but the only product that I would definitely go back to would be Lifecell. This product has given me what I want. Fast results, smoother skin, right packaging and easy application. I am definitely going back to my first love, that would be Lifecell Skincare.

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